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Your #1 source for all Justin Bieber news, music, pictures, videos, and more!
Hey! Welcome to Bieber Media, your one stop for all of the most up to date Justin Bieber news, pictures, videos, etc. This community is OPEN to new members and does allow user entered material, however, there are a few rules for posting and commenting.

1. Absolutely no vulgar, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate material will be allowed. Posting it will get you automatically banned.
2. DO NOT HOTLINK. Ever. If you are submitting a post and images are hotlinked, we won't let it through. It's rude. Go to imageshack, tinypic, photobucket, or another image hosting website and upload the image yourself before posting it here.
3. When submitting a post, you MUST have a source. Just link us back to where you got the information/video/pictures/etc, and you'll be good to go. Again, if you fail to include a source in your submission it will not get approved.
4. No bashing, flaming, or otherwise immature behavior targeted toward other members. Opinions are fine, but don't cross the line.
5. DO share pictures and stories! Everyone enjoys hearing others experiences, and some of the best celebrity stories come from fan encounters! Don't be shy.

thanks for reading!

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